Why did the Belgians Want the Congo??? 

Africans Dressed in European Clothing
During most of the 19th century, none of the European powers dared invade the mysterious and unsafe Congo. Filled with unknown diseases, plants, and animals, it was not considered a very valuable place. However, King Leopold II gathered up the International African Association and prepared to force his way into the Congo. King Leopold had several reasons for this invasion; Foremost, he believed that a Belgium colony in the Congo would demand respect from the other European powers and make a name for the quieter Belgium's. Other reasons include taking some of the Congo's resources, converting the natives to Christianity, and carrying out Rudyard Kipling's "White Man's Burden." Simply put, the Belgium's believed that it was their calling, as beings of higher sophistication and knowledge, to try and 'humanize' the African natives in the Congo. 


*Built new schools to educate the natives
*Brought much needed technology
*Brought new medicinal advances


*Conquered the natives instead of helped them
*Killed many of the natives in an attempt to humanize them
*Destroyed the Congo way of life and left it uninhabitable.